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Individual Match Stats for ru Usver (427th in Tournament DeathMatch with -259.39 ranking points)

Totals for This Match
Team Score Player Score Frags Kills Deaths Suicides
0 90 90 92 92 2

Unreal Tournament Match Stats
Match Date Sun, Nov 22 2020 at 2:11 am Server FRAG - DM TDM CTF LMS AS DOM - BEST MAPS
Match Type Tournament DeathMatch Map Name Deck16][
Server Info Admin: sosed

Type !rules read the rules
Type !d visit Discord channel
Type !c visit Stats server
Type !duel visit FRAG DUEL server
Game Info Time Limit: 13
Frag Limit: 30
Max Players: 12
Max Specs: 6
Game Speed: 100
Translocator: False
Weapon Stay: True
UTStats Actor Version: 0.4.2

Game Summary
Frags Kills Deaths Suicides Efficiency Accuracy Avg TTL Time
3 3 16 15.79 37.84 13.07 03:42

Special Events
First Blood Multis Sprees
Dbl Multi Ultra Mons Kill Ram Dom Uns God

Min Avg Max
74 113 168

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